Meet the Interns

Welcome to Kins Solutions School – Singapore’s supply of budding world class programmers, where these interns and fresh graduates start contributing to your product from Day 1

In partnership with top programming universities across Ho Chi Minh.

Two weeks of shadowing at your office doesn’t cut it. During their remaining 3 months of intensive internship with your company, you can throw them any environment a developer might encounter — from agile best practices to being thrown into a project mid-cycle with a murky code base. Our senior engineers will assist them to keep pace with your demands so that you will be so satisfied that you offer them a full-time placement at the end of their internships.


Hours of Pair


Every working day for one month before their internship with
your company, Kins Solutions interns will receive rapid
feedback from our senior engineers on everything from code
committed to performance in daily stand-ups. Before being
placed to you, this one month will give them ample time to
read up and research on your project/tasks for their internship
so that they can start making real-world contributions to your
software from Day 1.

No Hidden/Additional Fee.

Flat Internship Fee

Up to 2 weeks tour at your HQ

Partnership with HCM’s
top programming universities

Full Access to MHub in Vietnam
any working day

Pair programming program with
senior developers at MHub